Wedding suit in Ho Chi Minh City

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Wedding Suit in Ho Chi Minh City
Whether you are a groom or just a random guest, Mon Amie are willing to give perfect advices on how to dress up with suits.
A Well-fitted Suit is the key to success in wedding day.
A Well-fitted Suit is the key to success in wedding day.

I) Mon Amie Tailor and its dedication in Vietnamese tailoring industry.
Mon Amie (aka Hoang Vy Tailor) is one of the oldest tailor in Ho Chi Minh city and with 28 years of existence in Vietnam market, Mon Amie is considered to be the pioneering fashion tailor in suit tailoring industry which has brought many suit styles to customers, such as Italian style, Korean style, English style, etc. That means Mon Amie has been becoming the favorite tailor for not only local people but also foreigners who are living and working in Vietnam nowadays.
II) Why do i need a tailored suit for my wedding?
An important question to answer but you should know that tailored clothes make a massive difference and they are just awesome. This article shows you why...
1) The perfect fit.
Fit is the key to hide your body weaknesses and flatter your appearance in a smart way and it's the core goal of custom made suit: fits well on the user while providing enough space for movement and comfort - something that you will never find in a ready-to-wear suit. And for grooms, that is all they need.

2) It's easier to highlight your personal style.
If there is a limit to design of ready-to-wear suit that you can choose, custom made suit takes you to the next level. It allows you to bring out more individuality and taste, like colors, collar designs, fabrics and other features opportunities.

3) Save time with less effort wasted.
I know that there are people who like to go out for shopping but believe me, it cost a lot of time to find out a good off-the-rack suit and 'sold out' or 'unavailable' board is a real torture to all shoppers. But when working with a tailor, you are pretty much guaranteed to get something nice, the only matter is just waiting for it. And at Mon Amie Tailor, it only takes you 1-10 days for a custom made suit so it's not a big deal at all.

4) Your suit last longer.
Custom made clothing is always believed a great long-term investment for smart buyers because of high-quality materials and thanks to the "perfect fit". Besides, Big tailor like Mon Amie also gives you three years guarantee and it means whenever you gain or lose weight, it can easily be adjusted by a skilled tailor. This is cool, right?
Tailored suit gives the best performance for your wedding and it's also a long-term investment.
Tailored suit gives the best performance for your wedding and it's also a long-term investment.
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